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Posted On: Aug 31, 2016


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

California Policy & Politics This Morning   

New campaign donation disclosure rules rejected by the state Senate -- Lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly rejected an effort to create new disclosure rules for California political mailers and money gathered from several donors into a single contribution. Assembly Bill 700 failed by a single vote in the state Senate, needing a supermajority of 27 senators to pass. John Myers in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

An effort to fix California's outdated campaign cash database approved by the Legislature -- California election officials would have until 2019 to repair or replace the state's antiquated campaign finance database under a bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday. John Myers in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Inspired by accusations against Bill Cosby, California lawmakers move to lift time limits on rape cases -- In the wake of sexual assault accusations against comedian Bill Cosby, California may soon end the statute of limitations for prosecuting rape and other felony sex crimes. Sophia Bollag in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Driving while stoned? California critics of pot initiative focus on impaired motorists -- Opponents of the fall measure to legalize recreational marijuana for California adults argued Tuesday that broader marijuana use would endanger motorists. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

Bill to ban behind-the-scenes communications by coastal commissioners heads to the full Assembly for a vote -- With this year’s legislative session about to end, a bill to ban behind-the-scenes communications by members of the California Coastal Commission has survived opposition from business and labor interests and is headed to the full Assembly on Tuesday for consideration. Dan Weikel in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

L.A. to spend more than $200 million to settle suit on housing for disabled -- Los Angeles will spend more than $200 million over the next decade to settle a federal lawsuit alleging that the city failed to provide enough apartments for people with disabilities in its publicly funded housing developments. Emily Alpert Reyes and David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times$ Dakota Smith in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 8/31/16

Yes, in your backyard: Legislature OKs easing restrictions on building 'granny flats' in California -- It might soon be easier for California homeowners to build convert garages into new residences or buil d additional freestanding structures in their backyards after lawmakers approved a measure to streamline restrictions on the units statewide. Liam Dillon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Smoking would be banned in California state parks and beaches in bill sent to governor -- The measure creates a fine of up to $250 for those caught vaping or smoking a cigar or cigarette, or disposing of the remains of a cigarette on a state beach or park. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

California lawmakers approve bill to deny state contracts to companies that boycott Israel -- AB 2844 requires any company that accepts a state government contract of $100,000 or more to certify that it's not in violation of California civil rights law -- which, said the Assembly members who wrote the bill, would include companies involved in an international Israeli boycott. John Myers in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Matsui calls on GAO to investigate Afghan refugee resettlement process -- Rep. Doris Matsui, reacting to an investigation by The Sacramento Bee, has formally requested that the federal General Accountability Office evaluate how to improve the resettlement process for Afghan refugees arriving in the United States on Special Immigrant Visas. Stephen Magagnini in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

Kamala Harris calls for measures to end the 'crisis of confidence' between police and the public -- U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris on Tuesday called for new national policies to reduce recidivism by felons released from prison and to make data on crime and police actions more accessible to the public. Phil Willon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Walters: Farmworker overtime bill is another factor in agricultural evolution -- Everyone knows about the California Gold Rush – the massive migration of fortune seekers to the hills of the former Spanish colony in the 1840s and 1850s. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

Judge rejects disabled man's petition to vote - for now -- A California judge ruled that a former NPR producer who had a traumatic brain injury has so far failed to demonstrate he is qualified to vote despite a new state law that makes it easier for people with developmental disabilities to keep and restore the right to cast a ballot. Elliot Spagat Associated Press -- 8/31/16

Transgender man denied hysterectomy at Mercy San Juan -- Tuesday was supposed to be a big day for Evan Michael Minton. The Fair Oaks resident packed his bags for the hospital, said a prayer and counted down the hours until he would undergo the hysterectomy that would take him one step further in his transition from female to male. Sammy Caiola and Claudia Buck in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

San Jose police crisis: Council declares emergency to patch up street patrols -- In a rarely seen move reflecting the desperation of the times, the San Jose City Council declared a state of emergency Tuesday to allow police Chief Eddie Garcia to shift more officers to the city's undermanned street patrol, a stopgap to keep intact the force's most basic community service. Robert Salonga in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/31/16

City bids farewell to journalist Warren Hinckle -- With his basset hound howling mournfully from the front door of the church, rapscallion journalist Warren Hinckle was remembered Tuesday as a “larger-than-life thorn in the side of self-serving big shots of all stripes.” “He was a high-performance journalist,” recalled his friend, historian Kevin Starr, “and a flamboyant, take-no-prisoners investigative reporter.” Steve Rubenstein and Kevin Fagan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/31/16

Taxes, Fees, Rates, Tolls     

Economy, Employers, Jobs, Unions, Pensions 

California farmworkers on edge over historic overtime bill -- If signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, a new overtime bill would put California at the forefront nationally of farm labor pay and mark a victory in the fight to improve farmworkers rights in the decades old movement launched by Cesar Chavez, the legendary co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association who fought for higher farm worker pay. Scott Smith Associated Press -- 8/31/16

Farm laborers exult, farmers worry about California overtime bill -- Florentino Reyes had stood in the warm sun outside the Capitol, joining scores of farmworkers who gathered to persuade lawmakers to approve unprecedented overtime pay legislation for California’s agricultural laborers. Peter Hecht in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

California farm revenue plunges in 2015 -- Farm revenue in California dropped by more than $9 billion last year as the drought forced farmers to scramble for water and crucial commodities declined in price, according to data released by the state and federal governments Tuesday. Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

Having a California baby? Assembly passes bill seeking to protect your job -- New California parents would be able to take unpaid time off without losing their jobs under revived legislation that cleared the Assembly on Tuesday. Jeremy B. White in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/31/16

California to offer retirement accounts to workers without pensions, 401(k)s -- Faced with a possible epidemic of poverty-stricken seniors, California is poised to launch an ambitious program to enroll nearly 7 million low- and middle-income workers who lack pensions or 401(k)s in new state-directed retirement funds. Aaron Kinney in the East Bay Times -- 8/31/16

Workers at San Pablo Lytton Casino push for higher pay, better job protections -- Workers at San Pablo Lytton Casino are pushing for a wage increase and better worker protections, including the right to retain their jobs if they need time off to care for a newborn or a sick family member. Karina Ioffee in the East Bay Times -- 8/31/16

FAA threatens to take legal action against Santa Monica for its effort to shut down the city airport in 2018 -- The Federal Aviation Administration has threatened legal action against Santa Monica over its effort to reduce flight operations at the city’s airport, force out aeronautical tenants and close the historic facility within two years. Dan Weikel in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

Strawberry grower fined $2.4 million, demanded kickbacks from Mexican workers -- A Northern California strawberry grower has been fined $2.4 million and ordered to repay kickbacks and rent he demanded from Mexican workers he hired under a federal visa program for agricultural employees, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Geoffrey Mohan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

LA County Fair brings Super Bowl-sized business to Pomona and surrounding cities -- According to the last report done on the fair’s economic impact to the region by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. in 2003, direct and indirect spending related to the fai r equated to $300 million. Fair organizers say that figure, adjusted for inflation, is likely similar today. Neil Nisperos in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 8/31/16

Theranos Halts New Zika Test After FDA Inspection -- Theranos Inc. withdrew its request for emergency clearance of a Zika-virus blood test after federal regulators found that the company didn’t include proper patient safeguards in a study of the new test, said people familiar with the matter. John Carreyrou and Christopher Weaver in the Wall Street Journal -- 8/31/16


Why Climate Change Could Mean More Explosive Southern California Fires -- Southern California is home to some of the most diverse plant communities in the world, from coastal sage scrub and oak woodlands to conifer forests and inland chaparral. But where biologists see ecological niches, fire officials see fuel sources for wildfire. Sanden Totten KQED -- 8/31/16


BART offering riders perks to ease overcrowding on trains -- There’s a new way to make cash in the Bay Area: riding BART. The transit agency launched a 6-month program on Tuesday offering the possibility of cash incentives to passengers who avoid boarding trains during the height of the morning commute, officials said. Jenna Lyons in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/31/16

Los Angeles Rams cause Metro ridership to surge -- When the repatriated Los Angeles Rams hosted two preseason games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this month, tens of thousands of fans strolled into the stadium happy to not get gouged for parking at up to $100 per pop. Dana Bartholomew in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 8/31/16


Online schools: Susan Bonilla shelves bill after interest groups water it down -- Legislation that originally sought to ban online charter schools from hiring for-profit firms to provide management or instructional services stalled Wednesday in the state Senate almost two weeks after the author substantially amended and watered down the measure. Jessica Calefati in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/31/16

Finally, a disturbing trend in education shows signs of reversal -- For decades, wealthy children have far outperformed poor ones in school, creating a chasm that researchers and advocates say only exacerbates society’s inequalities. Joy Resmovits in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

$1-million donation will help needy students with their homework at L.A. libraries -- The gift from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, announced Tuesday, will create an endowment for the free after school homework centers, which offer students access to computers, printers and other devices they might not have at home, if they even have permanent homes. Anna M. Phillips in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

L.A. County prosecutors investigate alleged Brown Act violations at ABC Unified School District -- The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is investigating allegations that the ABC Unified School District Board of Education violated one of the state’s government transparency laws. Adam Elmahrek in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

California bill to extend school-choice law faces allegations of inequity -- Each day Suzanne White drives her daughters to school, she crosses an invisible border between the L.A. Unified School District in which she lives and Oak Park Unified, the higher-performing, much smaller district in which her children attend classes. Anna M. Phillips in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

CPR Training Might Become High School Graduation Requirement -- Gov. Jerry Brown has a month to sign a new bill that would make CPR training a high school graduation requirement. The CPR in Schools legislation would require schools to teach students hands-on CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator. Ja'Nel Johnson Capital Public Radio -- 8/31/16

Science Garage to help South San Francisco students learn biotech -- Students at South San Francisco high schools will get real-life lab experience right on their own campus next year at Science Garage, a fully functioning biotechnology laboratory complete with centrifuges, thermal cyclers, gel electrophoresis machines and other equipment funded by Genentech Inc. Victoria Colliver in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/31/16

Survey finds worrisome short tenures for community college chiefs -- The high turnover rate among top executives at California’s community colleges is a worrisome trend that could have harmful implications for schools, students and communities, according to a study by a new research arm of UC Davis’ School of Education. Larry Gordon EdSource -- 8/31/16

Fresno Pacific on ‘shame list’ of colleges said to discriminate against LGBT students -- Campus Pride, a national LGBT college support organization, released its first-annual shame list Monday of colleges that it deems dangerous for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. Fresno Pacific is among nearly 20 campuses listed in California, all of them interdenominational or church-based colleges. Andrea Castillo in the Fresno Bee -- 8/31/16

Immigration / Border 

Legislation would restrict H-1B visas -- Companies that depend on H-1B visas for a substantial part of their workforce may have a tougher time hiring more as Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, has introduced legislation to restrict loopholes in their application process. Kate Morrissey the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 8/31/16


Mountain lions in Santa Monica Mountains face extin ction, study says -- A population of mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains faces possible extinction in the near future due to inbreeding, according to a study released Tuesday. Steve Scauzillo in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 8/31/16

Feds Deny Developers’ Bid To Take Gnatcatcher Off Endangered Species List -- The California Building Industry Association and others asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove federal protections because the gray songbird is not a valid subspecies. The petition argued the California gnatcatcher is closely related to another gnatcatcher that is plentiful in Baja California, Mexico. Erik Anderson KPBS -- 8/31/16


Public health problems in Oakland linked to housing crisis -- Hypertension and asthma rates are increasing as residents grapple with increased rents and lack of stability. The associated stress can cause depression, anxiety and even schizophrenia, according to a new study by the Health Department and the Oakland research firm PolicyLink Center for Infrastructure Equity. Rachel Swan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/31/16

‘America’s Other Drug Problem’: Copious Prescriptions For Hospitalized Elderly -- An increasing number of elderly patients nationwide are on multiple medications to treat chronic diseases, raising their chances of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. Anna Gorman KQED -- 8/31/16

Also . . . 

Kaepernick gets open invite to attend Alameda County Sheriff's training academy -- Two days after Colin Kaepernick said police and cosmetology training were comparable, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office had added a message to their invitation that the embattled 49ers quarterback attend one of their training academy sessions: Thank you. Rick Hurd in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/31/16


Obama to open conservation tour in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii -- In Nevada on Wednesday, Obama plans to visit Lake Tahoe and speak at a summit dedicated to the iconic lake's preservation. Josh Lederman Associated Press -- 8/31/16


Trump glosses over immigration on the eve of his meeting with Mexican president -- The night before Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was scheduled to meet with the president of Mexico and deliver a long-awaited speech on immigration, he barely mentioned his signature issue at a boisterous rally in Washington state. Seema Mehta in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/31/16

The un-campaign: Hillary Clinton has three times as many field offices as Donald Trump -- PBS's NewsHour counted up the number of Trump and Hillary Clinton field offices (including joint offices for the campaign and the party) in a number of battleground states. Clinton and the Democratic Party have 291. Trump and the Republicans have 88. Philip Bump in the Washington Post$ -- 8/31/16

Shandobil: Hillary Clinton’s Phobia -- It’s now been more than 270 days since Hillary Clinton has held a press conference and the pressure on her to hold her first this election year is intensifying. “This Golden State’s” Randy Shandobil interviews Mark Barabak, who covers presidential politics for the Los Angeles Times and Carla Marinucci, who writes Politico’s California Playbook. Randy Shandobil This Golden State link here -- 8/31/16

Donald Trump makes quick trip to Tulare, earning cash and talking water -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump swept through the central San Joaquin Valley in a few hours Tuesday, scooping up a record amount of money at a Tulare fundraiser and briefly talking water with a largely agricultural crowd who paid between $2,700 and $25,000 per person to attend. John Ellis in the Fresno Bee -- 8/31/16

-- Tuesday Updates 

Students at Cal State schools could get extra help graduating on time under bill sent to governor -- Glazer's bill would create programs at CSU campuses to help students graduate on time. Students in the programs would receive extra support from academic advisers and priority registration in classes. They would be required to take a minimum number of credits and maintain a qualifying GPA. Sophia Bollag in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Sentencing laws in California could be changed to add language about rehabilitation -- State law says the purpose of imprisonment is “punishment.” The bill the California Assembly voted to send to the governor Tuesday, AB 2590, would amend the law to state that the “purpose of sentencing is public safety achieved through punishment, rehabilitation, and restorative justice." Sophia Bollag in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Compromise struck on Planned Parenthood-backed bill on secret recordings -- A deal has been struck on a controversial bill sponsored by Planned Parenthood to create new penalties for distributing illegal recordings in the wake of high-profile secret videos circulated by anti-abortion activists. Melanie Mason in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Police Investigation Could Put Plans To Display Naked Trump Statue On Hold -- A police investigation into who erected a naked statue of presidential candidate Donald Trump in San Francisco earlier this month could delay plans to put it on display at a San Francisco bar this weekend and return it to the artist who created it. The item is in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/30/16

Smoking would be banned in California state parks and beaches in bill sent to governor -- Amid concerns over health impacts and wildfires, smoking and using electronic cigarettes would be outlawed at California’s 270 state parks and beaches under a bill sent by state lawmakers to the governor on Tuesday. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

California could see new rules on flying drones in state parks -- California soon could have new rules on flying drones in state parks, where regulations on the use of unmanned aircrafts have been vague and vary widely. Jazmine Ulloa in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

EU Apple Tax Ruling Stirs Fears of Revenue Loss in U.S. -- American politicians have spent years salivating over U.S. companies’ stockpile of untaxed foreign profits, now more than $2 trillion and growing. This week, Europe got to that money pot first. Richard Rubin in the Wall Street Journal$ -- 8/30/16

Cisco and others slash a combined 1,500 jobs in Silicon Valley -- Despite record levels of tech employment fueled by a hiring boom, employment cutbacks have jolted workers at Cisco Systems Inc. and other tech firms in Silicon Valley, reductions that combined would erase about 1,500 jobs. George Avalos in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Message to Tech Firms From Palo Alto Mayor: Go Away. Please. -- In an election year, with nearly constant squawking from presidential candidates about well-paying jobs, the mayor of Palo Alto has an unusual message for some of the cash-flush tech companies based here: Go away. Please. Thomas Fuller in the New York Times$ -- 8/30/16

Water guzzlers to face new penalties, possible public disclosure of names -- California's top water guzzlers -- the people who use tens of thousands of gallons more than their neighbors to keep lawns bright green during the depths of serious droughts -- will soon be hit with higher water bills, and their names may be made public. Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/30/16

Concealed-gun fees could increase under bill headed to Brown -- The prevalence of such permits varies widely across California, depending largely on the stance of local sheriffs. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has been among the state’s most prolific, granting thousands. Jeremy B. White in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/30/16

Navy talks disaster planning with local officials during L.A.'s first Fleet Week -- Three warships are arriving at the Port of Los Angeles Tuesday and Thursday for L.A.'s first-ever "Fleet Week." Besides the usual tours, Navy officials will be talking with local officials about how the Third Fleet might help Los Angeles in the case of a huge natural disaster. John Ismay KPCC -- 8/30/16

Inside the Hollywood past of Stephen K. Bannon, Donald Trump's campaign chief -- As a media-focused investment banker, Bannon exhibited savviness, such as when he was able to attain a share of the royalties from “Seinfeld” during negotiations to sell Castle Rock Entertainment in 1993. Daniel Miller in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Farmworker overtime vote highlighted rural-urban divide -- Lawmakers representing more rural or suburban parts of the Central Valley, Republican and Democrat alike, voted against Assembly Bill 1066. They were joined in opposition by Republican lawmakers from suburban GOP-friendly seats in coastal Southern California. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/30/16

Fox: For Small Business, One Good Bill, One Bad -- There are obviously more than two bills that the Legislature is considering which would affect small business in either a positive or negative way, but for this writing, two to focus on is a measure to help small business gain the resources necessary to thrive while also looking at one of those gut-and-amend measures that suddenly pop up to threaten business’ function. Joel Fox Fox & Hounds -- 8/30/16

Ex-FBI agent who stole drug money to buy cars and plastic surgery for his wife is sentenced -- A former FBI agent was sentenced Monday to three years in federal prison for stealing more than $136,000 in cash during drug investigations and spending it on lavish gifts for himself and loved ones. Joseph Serna and Matt Hamilton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

LAPD officer charged with stealing police radio, failing to pay for baby stroller: 'We trusted her because she was a police officer' -- A Los Angeles police officer pleaded not guilty Monday to a series of criminal charges, including theft of a police radio and an illegal search of a law enforcement database. Matt Hamilton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/30/16

Rothenberg: Trump said he could put several blue states in play. It’s clear he can’t. -- For months, Donald Trump and members of his political team promised to put reliably Democratic states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Oregon into play. But now, with only two months until Election Day, it’s clear that those promises were empty boasts. Stuart Rothenberg in the Washington Post$ -- 8/30/16

Taylor: Black Panthers wouldn’t recognize old Oakland stomping grounds -- Two doors down from Loughridge, a luminous green house at 1048 Peralta St. was once the headquarters of the Black Panther Party. Huey Newton and Bobby Seale established the organization, whose members openly carried firearms while patrolling this West Oakland neighborhood, in 1966. Otis R. Taylor Jr. in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/30/16

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